Workout Skincare: Before & After Skincare Tips to Keep You Glowing

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, but it isn’t just good for your body – it’s great for your skin. When you work out, your heart works harder to pump oxygenated blood throughout your body. Increased blood flow to the skin means more oxygen and nutrients to help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Sweating can help encourage lymphatic drainage, which is what flushes toxins from your body and skin.

While exercise is good for long-term skin health, it can contribute to short-term skin concerns. A tough workout means sweat and that can accumulate on the surface of your skin, mingling with dead cells and surface oils to clog your pores and cause breakouts. Exercise can also make your skin more sensitive to exfoliators and intensive skincare products.

To protect your skin, it’s important to know what to do before and after you work out. It’s also essential that you choose the right products and apply them properly. Here’s what you need to know.

When You Work Out Matters

Everyone has their own preferences for when they work out. Some prefer to get it out of the way first thing in the morning while others like to include it in their evening routine. It doesn’t matter too much how exercise fits into your schedule but when you work out might determine what steps you need to take to care for your skin.

If you work out first thing in the morning, all you need to do is cleanse, tone, and apply your daily moisturizer before you exercise. It may be tempting to wait because you’ll be sweating anyway, but that’s exactly why you should cleanse your skin first. Sweat and surface oils combine with dead skin cells to clog your pores, increasing your risk for acne breakouts. If you cleanse before you start sweating, you won’t be building on the impurities that have already accumulated on your skin.

For long or particularly intense workouts, it doesn’t hurt to refresh and rehydrate your skin partway through. A hydrating toning mist like Lotion Yon-Ka is easy to spritz on and it can give you a quick boost of energy to help you power through the rest of your routine.

If you work out in the afternoon or evening, you may have makeup, SPF, or other skincare products on your skin that need to be removed before exercise. Again, the more you have on your skin when you start to sweat, the more likely those things are to clog your pores. Because of this, you may want to consider a double cleanse followed by toner and moisturizer before an evening workout.

Tips for Choosing Products

Tight, moisture-wicking workout gear helps keep you comfortable during a workout, but it can trap sweat, oil, and dead cells against your skin for hours on end. This is a recipe for a breakout. A quick rinse and a change of clothes will do your skin wonders after you exercise but don’t forget to take care of your skin as well. Having the right products on hand makes it easy to include skincare in your pre- and post-workout routine.

Here are a few quick tips for gym-goers:

  • Always apply sunscreen that delivers at least SPF 30 if you’re exercising outside to protect your skin against skin-aging UV rays.
  • Look for travel-size skincare products that are easy to keep stashed in your gym bag.
  • For a quick cleanse before a morning workout, something light like micellar water may be all you need.
  • Avoid heavy moisturizers before a workout, especially if you plan to sweat a lot.
  • Keep some Eau Micellaire and cotton rounds in your gym bag in case you don’t have time for a classic It’s great for a fast and easy cleanse on the go!
  • Skip the exfoliator in your post-workout skin routine to avoid irritating the skin.
  • Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen after moisturizing if you work out in the morning. Look for a non-comedogenic, quick-absorbing formula.
  • For sensitive skin, consider a calming moisturizer for post-workout skincare.

Not sure which products are right for your skin type? Consult the Skincare Advisor in the Yon-Ka shop or schedule an in-person consultation with an esthetician at your local Yon-Ka Paris partner spa.

Cleanse and Purify Post-Workout

Regular exercise is good for your health but, even with the boost in blood flow it triggers, it can wreak havoc on your skin if you don’t take a few precautions. Sweat and surface oils can clog your pores, dulling the complexion and increasing your risk for breakouts. Even if you don’t have time for a shower after hitting the gym, take the time to cleanse and purify your skin to keep it looking and feeling great.

The following Yon-Ka products are ideal for inclusion in a post-workout skincare routine:

  • Eau Micellaire – When a single cleanse doesn’t feel like enough, Eau Micellaire is just what you need to complete your double cleansing routine. Applied with a soft cotton ball or round, this cleansing water traps and removes impurities without the need for rinsing. As a lightweight cleanser, it’s also perfect for travel or use at the gym. Pick up the travel size to keep in your gym bag.
  • Lotion Yon-Ka – Even if you’re not doing a full cleanse after an hour at the gym, this gentle toning mist can refresh and rehydrate your skin. Available in two formulas for dry to sensitive or normal to oily skin, this alcohol-free toner has a delicate aroma that balances the mood and energizes the body. Keep a travel-size bottle in your gym bag for a post-workout refresh.
  • Hydra No. 1 Fluide – This lightweight fluid is the perfect way to rehydrate the skin after your post-workout shower. It features two molecular forms of hyaluronic acid to soothe and moisturizer dehydrated skin along with silica to mattify surface oils and control excess sebum.
  • Nude Perfect Fluide – Instantly smooth the look of pores, fine lines, and skin imperfections with this lightweight blurring fluid. It’s a skin perfector and primer all in one and the silicone-free formula is easily absorbed and gentle enough to let your skin breathe.

Daily skincare is essential to keep your skin healthy, especially after a tough workout that covers your skin with sweat and excess oil. To maximize the results of your skincare regimen, be sure to exfoliate and detoxify once or twice a week.

Guarana Scrub is a gentle plant-based scrub that polishes the complexion to soothe, exfoliate, and detoxify the skin. Use two to three times a week to buff away dead surface skin cells, enliven the complexion, and improve the absorption of other skincare products.

One to three times a week, apply a clarifying mask to clear and tighten pores while balancing surface oil. Masque 105 is a triple-action clay mask formulated to sooth dry, sensitive skin while Masque 103 is a clarifying clay mask for oily skin types.

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