4 of the Best Yon-Ka Products for an Aging Neck and Décolleté Area


You may know the basics about caring for the skin on your face, but what about the rest of your body? The truth is the skin on your neck is some of the first to show the signs of aging, so it deserves the same level of attention (or more) than the skin on your face.

As you get older, the collagen and elastin in your skin starts to break down. These are the proteins that help keep your skin firm and smooth, so that’s why you’ll start to see your skin wrinkle and sag. The skin on the neck and decolletage is already thin and delicate, so it’s even more prone to damage.

Unfortunately, many women fail to realize the importance of caring for this delicate area of skin until the signs of aging have already started to settle in. Read on to learn the importance of caring for your neck and décolleté and for product recommendations to keep your skin looking youthful and firm.

Tips for Caring for the Neck and Décolleté Area

When you think of the visible signs of aging, things like wrinkles and age spots probably come to mind. Fortunately, hydration and sun protection go a long way toward staving off these side effects. Other signs of aging like uneven skin tone, sagging, and crepey complexion tend to show up sooner on skin that hasn’t been shielded from the sun – especially oft-neglected areas like your neck and décolleté. The skin in this area also has little subcutaneous fat and fewer oil glands, so it tends to dry out more quickly.

Caring for the skin on your neck and décolleté area should be more than just an after-thought – it should be an intentional part of your daily skincare routine.

Here are some simple tips for caring for this delicate skin:

  • Always include your neck and décolleté in your daily cleansing and moisturizing routine but avoid using harsh exfoliants in this area – use a gentle scrub
  • Stick to gentle products that won’t damage or irritate your skin – potent anti-aging products like retinol may be a little too strong for this thin, sensitive skin.
  • Wear broad spectrum sunscreen on a daily basis and cover your neck and chest when possible – wear SPF 30 or higher for the maximum protective benefit.
  • Avoid “tech neck” – weakened muscles in the neck linked to spending too much time looking down – which can contribute to neck problems, headaches, and even sagging skin or wrinkles.
  • When applying moisturizer to your neck and chest, apply upward from the base of the neck toward the jawline to help lift the skin instead of tugging it downward.
  • If you tend to sleep on your side, it could contribute to a sagging effect and speed up chest wrinkles – try sleeping on your back instead.
  • Apply a hydrating mask to the skin on your neck and décolleté once a week to replenish moisture – the added hydration can help plump your skin to disguise winkles and uneven tone.

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. Whether you’re twenty-two or forty-two, it’s important to maintain a daily skincare routine to keep your skin clean, healthy, and hydrated. Read on to learn about Yon-Ka products to add to your skincare routine for anti-aging benefits.

Recommended Yon-Ka Products

There’s no magical skincare product that can completely stop the hands of time, but with the right ingredients you can significantly slow its progress. The good news is, the skin on your neck and chest don’t need any special ingredients – the same anti-aging ingredients that keep the skin on your face tight and toned will work just as well for your neck and décolleté. You only need to use separate products for these areas if you’re addressing different skin concerns like dry or acne-prone skin.

French skincare brand Yon-Ka Paris has harnessed the power of natural plant extracts to treat, heal, and restore the skin. Using a combination of cutting-edge aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Yon-Ka formulas deliver science-driven results to keep your skin looking and feeling its best, no matter your age.

Here are some of the top Yon-Ka products for the neck and décolleté:

  • Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift – This quick-absorbing firming tensor gel is uniquely formulated for the neck, décolleté, and bust. Enriched with hibiscus peptides to boost collagen and glycosaminoglycan production, it also features sweet almond proteins to shape and lift the skin. Apply after cleansing and toning, starting at the bust area and working in upward stroking motions toward the décolleté and neck. Use twice daily (morning and evening) for a 1-month intensive program then transition to once daily usage for maintenance.
  • Booster Lift + – Packed with over 20 plant extracts, this hydrating fluid booster amplifies the effects of your favorite moisturizer to tone and tighten the facial contours. This formula is enriched with powerful botanical extracts like rosemary, sage, and hops with Yon-Ka’s proprietary Quintessence for an uplifting aroma and additional firming benefits. Add 1 to 2 pumps to your daily moisturizer to firm and tighten skin on the neck and décolleté.
  • Phyto 152 – This invigorating body cream features 9.5% rosemary essential oil to firm and tone the skin, restoring youthful contours. Apply to freshly cleansed skin while it is still damp, concentrating on the neck and décolleté. Use in combination with Booster Lift + or Galbol 190.
  • Galbol 190 – Fortified with botanical extracts like silicon-rich horsetail and firming rosemary essential oil, this hydrating fluid concentrate absorbs quickly to firm and redefine the bust area. Apply morning and evening after showering, concentrating on the relevant areas.

The truth is we all age, but we all age differently. Your skin is as unique as you are and it’s important to choose skincare products appropriate for your skin type – even for your neck and décolleté. Consult the Yon-Ka Skin Advisor for product recommendations or stop in to your nearest Yon-Ka partner spa for a skin analysis and consultation to address your skin concerns.

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